Gravity and Mag

Geophysics Labs

We provide interpretation products derived from potential field data:

  • Qualitative structural interpretation of anomalies (maps)
  • Depth estimates (points with depth attribute)
  • 2D models (in a specialised format or simply as images)
  • 3D models (gridded surfaces)

The products are based on both conventional and advanced techniques for processing and interpreting potential field data. While most of these products are delivered in traditional formats (maps, shapefiles and grids), we are constantly developing new ways to improve the integration of our products with seismic data.

Dr Joseph Barraud

I have more than 10 years of experience in the oil & gas exploration industry and I have created Geophysics Labs in March 2016 to develop my ideas for new and original interpretation tools. I am also an experienced researcher and this gives me a unique perspective on both the industrial and the academic worlds. Since my PhD in 2001 at the University of Lyon (France), I have regularly published my work in renowned academic journals, as well as in more industry-related publications.

I have accumulated a wealth of experience on all the various aspects of potential field interpretation: structural interpretation, 2D/3D modelling and integration with seismic data. I worked as lead interpreter for many proprietary or multi-client studies, regional or local, in various tectonic settings:

  • fold-and-thrust belts (USA, Algeria, Turkey),
  • passive margins (North Atlantic, West Africa)
  • salt basins (Gabon)
  • rift systems (Kenya, Uganda)

I am a specialist of gravity gradiometry, having worked with full-tensor gradiometer (FTG) data for 9 years. Using a new technology like the FTG gave me the incentive for creating innovative tools that could utilise the full potential of the technique. I am focusing my R&D effort on the improvements of quantitative interpretation methods and on the integration of their results with seismic data.